Making a Diaper Cake

If you always wondered how a diaper cake is made, we wrote this tutorial just for you! Here are the step by step instructions to making your own diaper cake. We broke the instructions down to the nitty gritty steps so that you can make your first cake! Its much better to make a handmade cake versus buying a cake online. That is because when you buy a cake online, it can be pretty expensive. You can save a lot of money when you make a cake on your own.

Step One: The very first step to make your diaper cake is that you have to roll up all the diapers. We like using the rolling method because its smoother than using a cake pan.  There are many different brands of diapers that you can use but we would prefer using pampers. Once you roll a diaper, you can use a rubber band to secure the diaper log. If you want to, you can use a clear rubber band instead. That gives the diaper log a better look.

Step Two: After you have made a bunch of diaper logs, its now time to tie them together with a large rubber band. The goal right now is to make a circular shape with the diaper logs. We recommend that you put a diaper in the middle and you wrap it with 6 diaper logs. If you want to make a larger tier, you can make that by using more diapers.

(Alternate) Step Two: Another way you can make the diaper cake is to hide an item on the center instead of a diaper log. This is another cute way to make a cake and it keeps the mom guessing what might be in the middle of the cake.

Step Three: By now, you should have around 2 tiers of diapers and make the bottom tier bigger than the top one. You can place the bottom tier on a cardboard cake circle. Make sure to add a ribbon around the diaper cake. Make sure that the ribbon is tightly surrounding the cake.

Optional Ribbon Flowers: If you want to, you can add flowers to the diaper cake.

Optional Add Toys & Decoration: If you are using pampers like I am, you are going to end up smelling like diapers! You can finish off your cake by adding different baby toys and baby items. If you want to, you can hide different baby items within the diaper cake. You can roll different baby clothes into the cake. The fun part of making a diaper cake is that you have to be creative.

To make this diaper cake, we used 25 diapers. But most cakes use a lot more diapers than that. If you want to make a 4 tiered cake, you can expect to use around 70 to 80 diapers. For more diaper cake ideas and how to’s, you can visit our site at We plan on adding more tutorials and videos on the website.


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